Apistar-jwt 0.4 Released

To go along with the 0.4 release of API Star, my third party app to add in JWT support has been updated. Much simpler API now :smiley:

I did some interesting stuff to get around limitations of the new component API, namely, I wanted to have my top level JWT component return itself or return a JWTUser object, depending on the injected parameter. I overrode can_handle_parameter to support handling both types. I would like to see can_handle_parameter by default support Union types, what do you think @tom ?

    def resolve(self, authorization: http.Header, parameter: inspect.Parameter) -> Union[_JWT, JWTUser]:
        jwt = _JWT(self.settings)
        if parameter.annotation is JWT:
            return jwt
        token = get_token_from_header(authorization)
        jwt_user = jwt.decode(token)
        if jwt_user is None:
            raise AuthenticationFailed()
        return jwt_user

    def can_handle_parameter(self, parameter: inspect.Parameter):
        return parameter.annotation is JWT or parameter.annotation is JWTUser