Apistar Project Status

I am not sure what the state of APIStar is(frozen? discontinued?)

I am taking over a project that uses APIStar. I look over the documentation and it seems to be a mess. Incomplete documentation, no beginner tutorial. I just wanted to create an openapi schema and I don’t know if I should use schema.yml, schema.yaml or schema.json!

It would help me immensely if I have insight in what the current state of the project is so that I can evaluate if I should continue using it or look into alternatives(like Starlette).

Yeah, the project as a web framework was abandoned.

As long as your predecessor didn’t do async all the way you can convert the project over to Molten with a little effort. Molten’s author saw great advantages to the dependency injection and introspection for API schema, but ditched the async stuff. APIStar went through breaking change after breaking change, so I’m kind of glad it broke up with us.

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Appreciate the link to Molten as well as the clarification of the state of APIStar. Thanks!

You might also take a look at FastAPI: https://github.com/tiangolo/fastapi.

I created it as a “spiritual successor” to APIStar. And it’s built on top of Starlette.

It uses Pydantic for data handling, so, all the type declarations are done with standard Python types. That makes the learning curve/migration very simple and intuitive.

As it’s based on Starlette, you can use async (you don’t have to, though).

It also has a dependency injection system, automatic OpenAPI with JSON Schema, API documentation UIs, etc.

It takes inspiration and ideas from several great frameworks and tools, including APIStar (previous server versions) and Molten.

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