Choosing between Apistar and Django for a new project

I was wondering if anyone else is in the same boat here. I understand that Apistar is a general framework like Django. But it is more modern and without many legacy baggages.

What makes me think twice using Apistar for a new largish project is that it seems to be a one man show. There has been no development activities for over a month for example, and it is completely understandable being a single developer thing. However, this remains a risk when choosing Apistar.

The other thing is that Apistar seems to be too new.

Your thoughts?

Used Django, created apps and modules for it, I am using Apistar now, seems super quick,
I got a project template, not a cookiecutter, but actually runs as-is, and I will be adding more features on that template once I can make them better.

All things that has async and annotations capabilities are kind of new anyways,
but once you code with things like F-Strings and stuff like that you dont want to go back to old pythons.

Im using Peewee and Huey, I go full KISS.