Major release roadmap?

Hi, encode community. I’m thinking about using starlette in production (microservices) which requires a good level of stability and knowledgebase. I’m trying to decide on which to choose aiohttp VS starlette for this. I very like the API and features it has and the actual vision on the code style very aligns with mine.

Is there a roadmap on releasing major v1.0.0 version in the near future?


@ellirid I can’t talk for the developers, but I’m now using Starlette in production and it works well. There is a noticeable performance improvement over Django and Flask. It works well for microservices and APIs.

Most of my Starlette projects are internal APIs, but here’s a website I built using Starlette and my own ORM (

So far I’ve had no issues.

I think the ASGI support in Starlette is a big win over aiohttp, as several frameworks already support it, and having multiple options for servers and middleware is nice.

Thanks @dantownsend! I’ll think about it a bit more, also found this interesting piece of roadmap and I like the direction it’s going :slight_smile:

I’ve been using Starlette in production for many months and have it handling many thousands of requests per second at any given time. (rest api, socket connections, graphql, etc.) I cannot speak to a roadmap. I can tell you that the roadmap you link to is over a year old. I can also tell you that I’ve seldom had any issues, performance is far better than aiohttp (which should still probably not be your alternative, should you choose to not use Starlette, and tends to be at the bottom of the async framework list). Or you can use something that’s build on Starlette, like FastAPI, which I don’t currently use much but find to be a remarkable project.