Peewee+Huey+JWT+MsgPack APIStar Project Template

  • APIStar_Peewee, as ORM with PostgreSQL with Connection Pooling for Prod and SQLlite for Tests.
  • Huey, Tasks Queue, like Celery but wrote by Peewee Dev, uses Peewee as Backend.
  • APIStar-JWT, for Authentication using JWT.
  • APIStar-MessagePack, as additional optional Renderer and Parser for Faster JSON API.

Just git clone and apistar run !


Have you thought of writing a cookiecutter template for a project starter?

I have no idea how to convert it into a cookiecutter, if you know how, feel free to send Pull Requests.

Mainly without loosing the ability to just git clone it and still works Ok.

I always use extra features of postgresql (and I believe many do too) so I can’t use sqlite for testing.
Don’t you do the same ?

Peewee has utils for that:

Now Updated with fully working User Accounts with Profile and 2 Factor Authentication.

  • User Profile Info
  • User Account Creation
  • User Login
  • User Logout
  • Debug Request
  • Serving Static Files


Everything ready to use right away…