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After spending weeks trying to find a solid system to implement both clients and servers based on OpenAPI (fka Swagger) spec files, I have built a solution of my own, called Pyotr (which is a wannabe clever acronym for “python openapi-to-rest”), on top of Starlette (for servers) and HTTP3 (for clients). It’s currently in a proof-of-concept stage, and needs a lot more loving and testing to become a proper library, but if anyone wants to take a look I’ll really appreciate any comments or questions.

Check Pyotr here:

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Great stuff, thanks Berislav!

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Thank you Tom! :blush:

This is just a preliminary version, there is still a lot of work to be done, and especially needs more real-life testing. I’m currently building a client library using basically the same code (although not importing from this project directly) and adding various details I notice back in; but the server side has not yet been tested.