Startup and shutdown in middleware

Is there a way to attach app startup / shutdown behaviours in a middleware? I used to do it using lifespan before ASGI 3.0 but it does not work anymore. Any tips?

Any particular reason not to use Starlette’s event hooks for it?

But yeah, sure you can write an ASGI middleware to deal with it.

I guess as a raw ASGI implementation it’d look something like this?..

class EventMiddleware:
    def __init__(self, app): = app

    async def __call__(self, scope, receive, send):
        if scope['type'] != 'lifespan':
            await, recieve, send)

        recieve = functools.partial(self.receive, parent=receive)
        await, receive, send)

    async def receive(self, parent):
        message = await parent()
        if message == 'lifespan.startup':
            await self.startup()
        elif message == 'lifespan.shutdown'
            await self.shutdown()
        return message

    async def startup(self):

    async def shutdown(self):
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Thanks Tom, works like a charm… Starlette event hooks are fine too :slight_smile: i was curious about how to encapsulate this behaviour in my middleware (instead of having a middleware + the event hooks).