Support for using SQLAlchemy's ORM

Just wondering if
SQLAlchemy ORM queries are supported
planned, possible, or not?

I think core is good for queries but I do like using the declarative models to work with alembic autogen.

Hiya! Nope that’ll fall outside the scope of the databases package, which is deliberately intended to be a low level query interface.

The orm package is an initial pass at how we could build an ORM on top of databases, and I’d be super keen on seeing other folks also explore that space.

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Cool that makes sense, thanks for the reply.

What orm package are you referring to?


(Although as I say, it really is just a first pass)

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Oh I see :smile: that does look appealing, I’ll have to keep watching and see if I can help.

Thanks for the info.

we started something on top of databases but using sqlalchemy declarative. It’s still rude but we are using it at prod on an internal service: