What tools do you use to make database queries?

Hello everyone!
I am investigating popular async libraries to use for db access in my new project.

So far I found: Gino, Tortoise, orm, databases and many other sync ORM.

I am asking the community what do you use?
Thanks in advance.

Personally I’m using databases with SQLAlchemy for query bulding and Alembic for migrations. It feels too verbose at times, so I am contemplating writing custom abstractions on top of it, so insert/select/update/delete operations consume and return data represented with custom Python types (perhaps dataclasses?) instead of Records, but I still would like to keep it simple and reuse as many SQLAlchemy solutions as I can, so I won’t end up reinventing yet another ORM :wink:

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We just build an small wrap around sqlalchemy orm. https://github.com/vinissimus/asyncom

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This looks awesome, @jordic! I’ll give it a try next time I’ll be fiddling with my project!

Thanks for sharing!

maybe it is also worth to have a look at edgedb

Its a layer on top of postgres build by the guys from magic.io (known for bringing async to python, uvloop, asyncpg and httptools)

edgeDB works little different with it´s own querylanguage but the concept is quit interesting. I never used but will defenitly give it try the next time.

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